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Truss Rentals

Need box truss or circular Truss Rentals? They don’t come cheap, and since you only need them short-term, you are sure to be searching for a cost-effective rental—look no further than AVRexpos! Our team is trained and well-versed is installing different styles and applications of both circular and box trusses for trade show floors and event productions. With our help, your event will stand out for all the right reasons!

AVRexpos provide Rigging, Motors, and Truss Rentals. We have Truss Rentals available for your event with all of your rigging needs. Our high quality rigging systems are maintained with care and will provide you with easy installation and positioning of your AVRexpos ordered lighting, speakers, banners and more.

We carry exhibit truss, trade show truss, stage truss, and much more!

Have needs for Truss? Give us a call today and one of our professionals will help make your production needs a reality!

****All prices allow for rental for up to 5 days****

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